Janis majored in painting under Dale Hickey and photography under Henry Talbot at Preston Institute, graduating in 1975. She taught art for a number of years in Melbourne and Gippsland, before leaving to travel extensively in Europe, and spent two years in London working in graphic design.

In 1982, Janis returned to Australia and continued to paint and draw, but also established an antique business and interior design consultancy, which she ran for eight years until May 1996 when she returned to painting full time.

Janis has received numerous awards for her paintings, both in Victoria and interstate, including the prestigious Hills Award in Victor Harbour S.A. She has participated in group exhibitions and held a two-person show with fellow artist Robyn Rinehart at Victorian Artists Society.

Today, she divides her time between Gippsland and the Perigord in France.

Janis Palmer-Pascoe