New works 2021

“Autumn,  Couze Valley, France.” 2021. Acrylic on Canvas 91.44 cms x 60.96 cms Framed. Signed by artist bottom right. “Summer Evening, Harkaway, Victoria.” 2021. Acrylic painted on cotton canvas 610 cms x 765 cms Final coat of protective Golden Archival Varnish Signed by artist bottom right.


New works

“Autumn light” Dordogne, Couze Valley. 2017 Acrylic on linen canvas. Signed bottom right. 37.5 cm x 45.5cm “Winter Sunset” Port MacDonell, S A. 2018 Acrylic on linen canvas. Signed bottom right. 45.5 cm x 55.0 cm

New works

New works 2015-2017.

Fred Bear and Honey

Portrait Commission. Acrylic on hand made French paper. Sold.

The work progress: Classical poser

Time spent in Rome/Italy – inspiring and perhaps will work toward a show with a classic theme. At the moment it is filling a space in our home in France. We will see.  


Blog: Dunc Quixote – memories of Beaumont

Memories of the night market in Beaumont, Summer – “Dunc Quixote”.

The work progress: Norma B

Progress of a Portrait. Painted for the Victorian Artists Society (VAS) Portrait Exhibition. Sold.

The work progress: Prudence Paris

A commission for “Prudence Paris”; to be hung at Esxence – The Scent of Excellence, an international perfume exhibition; held in Milano March 31st – April 3rd, 2011. “Still life for Prudence” – Acrylic on hand made paper from Moulin de Larroque 58.5 cm x 78.5cm


Exhibition: Vernissage de l’exposition de peintures

An exhibition of portraits and other French impressions was held at the Moulin de Larroque paper mill in Couze St Front in the Dordogne, France. The area is renown for its wonderful light and lushness which is much loved by artists. The work utilised local hand made paper – a radical change for Janis as she usually works on large canvas, and was quite challenging, as each paper is individual and reacts differently. The paper is made at a mill close to where she lives. Moulin de Larroque is one of the last bastions of this precious and important craft.

Janis Palmer-Pascoe